greenshaus inc. was founded in 2018 for the purpose of promoting innovative sustainable agricultural practices through the use of new greenhouse design and technologies. Our company is dedicated to local growing with technically innovative, low carbon foot print, passive solar commercial greenhouses.  Our greenhouses are designed and supplied by Ceres Greenhouse Solutions.  The world leader in passive solar greenhouse design and technology.

Bauhaus and greenshaus

Bauhaus design philosophy is iconic. The philosophy influenced many great builders, artists and designers of the modern era. It also influenced us.

As we began thinking about building greenhouses for new age growers who want to practice environmentally sustainable methods, we discovered a connection between our design objectives, and Bauhaus principles.  Our design/build ideas fit within the five essential Bauhaus principles of design.

Form follows function, True materials, Minimalist style, Gesamtkunstwerk, and Uniting art and technology.

Form Follows function 

Form is applied because of it’s function not for its aesthetic appeal. Excessive ornamentation is avoided and utility comes first.  

The shape and materials used to construct our greenhouses are simple and functional.  The basic building is steel frame construction clad in insulated steel panels on the east, west, and north walls. Insulated steel panels are also used on the north roof, combined with triple glaze polycarbonate panels on the south roof and wall.

The shape and north/south orientation of the greenhouse maximizes the collection of light and heat to allow year round use in cold climates.

True materials

Materials should reflect the true nature of buildings. Building materials integral to construction like steel beams, fans and utilities are not hidden. The greenhouse is a large open space to allow light to be seen by the plants and all who enter. 

Minimalist style

Only line, shape and colours matter to Bauhaus design.  Anything unnecessary to functionality and material selection is excess and to be avoided.  The white insulated steel panels, exposed steel frame and electrical wiring and utility installations of our greenhouse demonstrate clean lines and attention to detail without excess.


The Germans have a way with words it seems.  Gesamt (total), kunst (art), werk (work). A building is not just an empty box. It is sum of everything added outside, inside and it’s placement as part of the design to form the overall concept and artistry of the building. We view our greenhouse as a functional work of art in a beautiful setting. Even our pond is functional.  It is used for rainwater collection for plant irrigation. In the winter a wonderful outdoor skating rink. 

Uniting Art and technology

In 1923 Bauhaus organized an exhibition called’, Art and Technology: A New Unity, An emphasis was placed on technologies and Bauhaus workshops were used as laboratories in which prototypes of products suitable for mass production and typical of their time were carefully developed and improved.  Like the artists and designers at Bauhaus, greenshaus inc. strives to innovate and improve modern greenhouse structures and growing equipment with a view to low cost, low carbon footprint, sustainable local food production.